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Jesus Calling - What is Your Calling?

We wrestle with questions in life. It’s part of human existence. One reason people will pick up a book like Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence is, it helps form, then answer the big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Why can’t we get that last bit of peanut butter out of the jay with a spoon? Those questions break down further into categories of resoluteness.

Questions which affect or challenge our Mind – they require a decision. This is formulaic, a thesis requires research. Substantive study required outcome. The mind was challenged, and won.

Questions which affect your Heart – are mostly governed by emotion. It is easier to steer your brain and calculator than your feelings. Passions, Endearments, and Sentiments are fickle cellmates.

Questions which affect your Soul – the Soul contains the you of you. Not feel, or think, souls ‘appreciate;’ a sunset, a dance, a cemetery. Souls cannot be ciphered, only probed.

Questions which affect your Body – do you see to your healthy future? Fitness: eat, sleep, and ingest good. You only get one body. God gave it function, you provide maintenance.

Questions which affect your Spirit – there is no two sentence summation. The beauty is Scripture clearly teaches that the God of the Bible desires relationship. He takes no delight in death threats or homicide bombers. He does not require that we die or kill for Him. Instead– He sent His only Son to die for us. More question. Who? All. What? Heart. Why? Sin. How? Ask. When? Now. Every Spiritual question is about connection; our connecting with God. A daily book like Jesus Calling by Sarah Young helps make that connection.

Are You Listening? Hello? Jesus Calling

If connection is the goal, we must know what God thinks and desires. How do you accomplish that? Does God speak? The book Jesus Calling asserts that He does. Author Sarah Young makes it very clear she “…does not speak for God…” she simply penned the dialogues she shared with God. Did she awaken in the night and perform auto-kinetic dictation to the audible voice of God? Never, but her sincere determination to represent God’s voice, anchored to God’s Word has created an exceptional access to His heart, His desires, His reach, and His love.

Then there are a select few really great daily readings which draw you in, tether your heart to something immovable, give you a perspective, and when you’re finished reading it you have two emotions. First you really wish there was more – it leaves you longing. And second you are compelled to go to the Bible and read firsthand what God’s Word says, and you always read more than the little notation in the devotional. That is a truly unusually great book. Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence holds that kind of leverage.

A good devotional helps you see God for a few minutes at the beginning or the end of your day; it provides a perspective by which to live that day. The really good ones incorporate strong Biblical content to underwrite the purpose. Some of the great ones do all of that, and sprinkle in some humor, and a personal anecdote here and there so you know someone actually believes and lives the content.

I have a friend, the kind we all know, who scowls at the latte stains, brushes away the donut crumbs, and does calculus on the Starbucks napkins. Some devotionals are that way, you feel like you probably weren’t even worthy to have read it. I don’t want feel worse about myself after I read about a loving God. I don’t want to live looking over my shoulder, waiting for God to flick me off my undeserved Spiritual foot-hold, like a fly on picnic potato salad. Who wants to live life that way? It’s why many daily devotionals die a New Year’s Resolution death, usually just before the gym membership.

You will never feel that way with Jesus Calling. Many Online Christian Retailers offer it at a great price. Open it the day it arrives. See ya 365 days from now!

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What Is Your Life Calling - Jesus Calling

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This article was published on 2011/07/22