Superstitions and Beliefs

in God


Are you familiar with superstitions?

For example, avoiding a black cat, or avoiding passing under a ladder mounted on a wall, or avoiding buying shoes to your spouse (other wise he/she would dump you), or knocking three times on a wooden table. ...

Well, there are lots of superstitions out there.


On the other hand, there are, what we usually call, true beliefs!

What is the difference between a superstition and a belief?

What do we mean by “superstition”? Is a superstition a belief that we consider inferior? Less true? Do we doubt it?


What makes a belief to be a belief, and what makes a superstition to be a superstition?

What about Voodoo? Is it a true belief or a superstition?

What about the belief in God? Is it a true belief or a superstition?


Examine for example the belief in God. (Let us ignore at the moment the definition of God, and which God, as the Islamic God is neither the Christian nor the Jewish one…). The belief in God is not regarded as a superstition by majority of the population on earth. Religious people would definitely not consider the belief in God a superstition. Even a complete atheist will avoid claiming so.

So, what is the difference?

Is it that a true belief more beneficial than a superstition? Is practicing the low of God beneficial, more than knocking on a wooden table? Is it more successful than a complete atheism? Is practicing the low of God more efficient?


Well, I am sure that God believers do not have “advantage” over complete atheists or over people who belief in “superstitions”.

I am quite sure that if we count for example the lung cancer sick people all over the world we will not find there more superstition believers than God believers. Or for example, will there be more car accidents injuries among atheists/”superstitionist” than among God believers? Most likely that the answer is No.

So, still, what is the difference?

Might be that the number of believers is the factor that makes the difference?

Billions of people all over the world actually do believe in God, rather than seriously believing the “knocking on the wood” or Voodoo.

Thinking of this however, I come to a conclusion that this is just a temporary parameter. For example, during the ancient times, the Greek and the Roman Gods ruled the world and majority of the world population followed them, while nowadays, no person will claim he believes in Zeus. The true believe of the ancient world became a superstition now days.

So the factor of amount of believers can not actually make the distinction we look for.

Actually, while looking into it over and over, I can not truly find a real good and clear distinction.

My inevitable conclusion is that all beliefs are actually superstitions.

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Superstitions and Beliefs

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This article was published on 2011/11/02