My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings From God By Understanding Those 3 Things

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My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings From God By Understanding Those 3 Things. And to begin with Dear Friend I have to take You to the Book Of Luke Chapter 11 and Verse 09: " So I Say To You: --- Ask and it will be given to You; --- seek and you will find; --- knock and the door  will be opened to You. And these 3 key things that are Forever Connected and Never Separate, are what I will share with you today so you can Quickly Get Your Blessings Today.

You see Beloved this Paragraph or Verse as you can see is all Together, and it is also continuous; Not 3 Parts. And many have made the constant mistake of thinking, speaking and acting on only One of those things at a time. So this is why so many Prayers seem to go Unanswered, and so many Blessings have not been taken advantage of. But first  let me remind you that it is written in the Book of Mark: " Whatsoever you ask in accordance with God's Will and Purpose, Believe that you Receive it, and You Do ". And you and I both know that God knows the things you need before you even ask; and after you ask it is laid up for you somewhere. Go and look for it, and then when you find it knock, for you to Get It. Let me Break it down For You.

Understand Beloved, that God's Kingdom is a Hierarchy. Everything begins in God's Throne room, then down through the Heavens and finally down in this physical realm to you. You are made in the Image Of God and you are an Example of how everything operates in the Universe. I mean just look at your body, if you want to move your big toe, that order has to come from the highest part – Your Brain. Then to your nerve cells, past your knee then down to that big toe. And Boom! It's done. And so it is when you ask for something.

My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings From God By Understanding Those 3 Things. Let me give you another example by breaking it down another way for you. If you ask God for 1 million dollars, he is not going to put that money under your Pillows. He could, but he won't. For remember it is also Written that if you ask God your father for a piece of bread, He is not going to give to you a piece of Stone. Meaning, if he put those 1million dollars under you pillows, then how are you going to explain that to the Authorities. And what are you going to do when the IRS or the Police show up and ask you, where does all that money come from?. While you have enough Faith and know your relationship with God, but do you think for 1 minute that they will share your Faith or believe like you believe?. Now that Piece of Bread would turn into a Piece of Stone for you by way of Persecution, Seizure of the money and then Court Appearances. Then this same God that you Blessed and thanked for the 1 million dollars, you will then turn around and start Cursing.

So no my Friend, God Loves you. Instead, He will give to you the Million Dollars by placing it inside a Business, or through a Grant or even an Inheritance. Because remember that it is also written that God place all forms of Government in Power to carry out His Plan and Purpose ( Remember Pharaoh?. ) And so when they come knocking, you can – not only thank and bless God, but you can show them how that money properly filtered down through this Physical realm and also by the laws.

Now you have asked for the Blessing, in this case those Million Dollars, and Remember Ask and You Shall Receive?. So now that you received it From the Spiritual Realm down through this Physical Realm, now you have to go look for where It has been placed, and Remember Seek and you shall Find?.  So which Business does He want you to Start, which Grant does He want you to apply for, or which Job does He want you to go after that offers Employee Stocks before they Go Public?.

And Now for the 3rd. And Continuous Step. You looked for it and you found it, so now you have to be Bold to Knock and it will be opened to you. And you've heard of " Staking Your Claim ", Giving Birth To Your Pregnant Dreams, and Taking What Is Yours... So now go ahead and Knock, begin tapping into that Business to receive your 1 million dollars. Or call up that Grant Place and let them know you've come to get what's yours. Or call up that Company and Speak with Respect but Authority that this Job is yours. And it all shall be opened to you with no legal headaches and no persecution.


My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings From God By Understanding Those 3 Things. So  where is your million dollars laying and waiting for you for years, where is your Healing laying and waiting to be claimed, and where is your Spiritual  Gift and your Purpose that you asked for and have already received but been laying somewhere for years waiting for you at?... I mean it is all so simple Beloved, I will give you one more quick example, and you see we as human always imitate God's ways. Now look at the Lottery System: how many times someone has wished they could win (1-Ask), then they go and Play the numbers (2- Seek), and then when the numbers come out they win and now they have to go down to the Lotto Office and claim Their Money ( 3-Knock ). So now do you see, Do – You- See ?...

For More FREE Articles N Videos, Please visit my SITE:  All 3 things have to be done, not just one or two but All Three. So many of us do only step 1 or step2 but never step 3. Do all three and go get Your Blessings King and Queen. Dr. James Dazouloute

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My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings From God By Understanding Those 3 Things

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This article was published on 2011/09/18