Children of a Lesser God?

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I have to think that it is "unknowningly" that much of the church has relegated humanhood to being something much lower than angels, and children of a lesser God. St. Augustine's approach to sex and original sin dug such a huge theological hole (that religion has enthusiastically supported) mankind has yet to free himself from such negative consequences.

I know that the Bible says contradicting things. Who can deny such? And I am not talking about the distinctions between the Old and New Testament, but even in the things that Jesus says. One can twist the Scriptures (as many do) to make the words fit almost any lame idea one wants to support. But, if one will read by the "spirit" and not by the "letter of the law" (some people can't talk without injecting a Biblical verse to support their OPINIONS. I want to say to some hype-religious people, "Just tell me you heart, speak to me in plain language without injecting King James into the conversation."

Know what I mean?  :-)

But alas, it's not any one religion, it's not just Christianity that  starts us off in the proverbial hole of darkness or what's most often mythologically known as the fall from grace, or just THE FALL! You know the big one that makes us all  needful of the church to sort our the reward-punishment manual so that we can understand it. Let's take Hinduism as an example for what I'm mentioning.

In one Hindu myth, human consciousness beann as a tiny ripple that chose to leave the ocean of cosmic consciousness. As it awoke, it forgot where it had originated and found itself washed ashore and imprisoned in a state of isolation. Christians found themselves naked and outside the garden. It's a common theme in religion and forms the basis for suffering and separation that's only an ILLUSION!

We are not children of a lesser God!

We are the light of "the LIGHT". We are the creation of the Creator and still a part thereof. Christians read in Romans (chapter 8) that God will NEVER leave us nor forsake us and then they believe that if a person doesn't do this or "does" do that (read- commit some act called sin), God separates himself from them, and sends them to hell to be tormented forever. Can we us some common sense here? God didn't create junk, God didn't create us to fail, and God NEVER going to forsake us as we are ONE with him- or one day will be fully.

Children of a lesser God? A silly question on the face of it since there's only ONE GOD- and He's more than GOOD. My God (and your God) is an AWESOME God!

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Children of a Lesser God?

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This article was published on 2010/01/26